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Bravo1Perhaps Bravo was the most heard word during the September French assembly at Crawford Preparatory North Coast. The occasion allowed our kids to not only showcase their skills in communicating in basic French but to enjoy some  internationally renowned melodies in French i.e. “Au clair de la lune” translated by an orchestra put together by Ms Rozanne Paragone and a team of passionate kids as well as a classic musical item by François Couperin “Little nothing” – a Keleiah Pillay and Ms Deirdre Peel ensemble. A 20 minutes assembly for senior pupils which made us realise we need to put efforts together to improve our French assemblies show, was redeemed by an excellent show intended for junior pupils in our school.

The colourful audience of pupils dressed in the colour of French flag, the basic dialogue, miniature homemade French monuments such as “Tour Eiffel”, “Cathedrale Notre dame”, “Arc de triomphe” and a few dozen of beautiful posters, poems, French skits performed by pupils, as well as Elisée Byelongo Isheloke’s passion for French were a recipe for success. As Mr Teunissen envisages a French day in the future he could not, I guess, withhold to utter an eloquent “BRAVO” to the “chanson fétiche” (meaning the killer song) “Alouette gentille alouette” sang by more than 200 kids in our last French assembly. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Elisée Byelongo, Crawford Preparatory



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